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  • DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford

  • Vaccine immunology

Quang Nguyen


Quang is an Oxford-Hoffmann DPhil Candidate at the University of Oxford in the Nuffield Department of Medicine. His research integrates high-parameter experimental and computational analyses to identify novel CD8 T cells with immune regulatory functions in human lymphoid tissues. Quang co-founded the Science & Innovation Club at Oxford with faculty advisorship from the Saïd Business School. The club aims to bring research graduates from diverse disciplines in conversations with industry and investors about how to think and do science beyond the laboratory.

Quang moved from Vietnam to the US as a teen. He obtained his BS in Cell and Molecular Biology from Duke University. There he explored how gut microbiota influence B cell and antibody responses against HIV/SIV in the lab of Dr. Sallie Permar at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. After college, Quang received a scholarship from the US NIH to work on HIV latency and cure in the lab of Dr. Richard Koup and Dr. Joseph Casazza at the Vaccine Research Center. He pursued an Erasmus LIVE MSc program in Vaccinology, rotating through Spain, Belgium and France. He conducted his master's thesis at GSK Vaccines where he proposed a study examining immunosenescence and vaccine responses in older adults. During this time, he also worked remotely as a research manager for an international public health network in the team of Prof. Bach Tran based in Hanoi, Vietnam.


In his free time, Quang enjoys learning mobile phone app development, reading, taking walks, volunteering in various college and scholarship committees, and having philosophical conversations. 


A vaccine given to young people to prevent neurodegenerative diseases in older adults.


'Hiểu Về Trái Tim' ('Understanding the Heart') is a book written by a well-respected Vietnamese monk about how to take control of our mind in time of challenges and opportunities.


Despite money being an issue in my family, I have managed to fund meaningful activities I have wanted to pursue. All my education up to now has been fully paid by various organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Greenhouse Scholars, NIH, & National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth.

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