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Partner Vasudev Bailey Joins Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering Advisory Board

A Johns Hopkins alum, Vasudev (“Vas”) received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where he was recognized as both a Siebel and a Medtronic Scholar. This spring he was formally invited to join the Department of Biomedical Engineering Advisory Board at Johns Hopkins University.

“I’ve strived to give back to Johns Hopkins since becoming an alumnus, and to follow its guiding principles of focusing on some of the world’s biggest problems in my career endeavors,” said Bailey. “Experience has taught me that amazing ideas are one thing, but having the right support ecosystem is critical, as it’s often very difficult to make those amazing ideas come to life. As an active participant on the department of biomedical engineering advisory board I look forward to collaborating with the brightest minds in tech and science to find solutions to problems in healthcare, and create a better world.”

Johns Hopkins University President, Ronald Daniels (center), meets with Hopkins alumni in the Bay Area including ARTIS Partner, Vasudev Bailey (far right) to discuss how JHU and industry leaders can collaborate in technology and healthcare.

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