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Cohesity Named a WEF Tech Pioneer

Cohesity has been fortunate to be on the receiving end of many awards that help reaffirm our core values as a company, and reflect how we’re fixing a serious customer problem with legacy backup and the fragmented data center it has spawned.

Today’s news is a little more profound than awards past, and comes from the World Economic Forum (WEF), which named the world’s 61 most promising Technology Pioneers 2018. Yes, it’s that World Economic Forum, which holds annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland with some of the world’s most important business and political leaders to discuss the important issues and challenges facing the world today.

WEF selects companies based on their potential to “transform society and industry” and “shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” It turns out that WEF has been selecting companies as Technology Pioneers beginning in 2001 with a little known company at the time called Google. 🙂

We’re overwhelmed to be in the company of some incredible pioneers and industry leaders that I’m sure you will recognize. To see a few of the amazing companies in this list, check out this infographic. Cohesity was specifically selected for our contributions in transforming enterprise data center and cloud-operations “to empower global customers to quickly and easily extract value from their data.”

We love to blog about awards and share the news. Today’s WEF award is especially meaningful because it recognizes Cohesity for something that is important to us, but we don’t always get to talk about: Changing the world to make it a better place.

And it all starts with our CEO, Mohit Aron, who founded Cohesity, co-founded Nutanix before that, and was lead developer on the Google File System project before that.

Mohit’s experience means he gets cloud in a way that few founders do. Meanwhile, investors trust Mohit because he knows his industry more intricately and exhaustively than anyone else, and he empathizes with the needs of his customers. You can read what Mohit wrote about Cohesity’s latest $250 million investment in a Series D funding here.

If you’re still getting to know Mohit, watch the video below to better understand – in his own words – why he wants to change the world. That mission led Mohit to found Cohesity, where he is solving customer problems that surround the data center, the cloud, storage, and infrastructure.

You think about how good the world can become if people just think in a different way. It’s all about that. Can you change the world? That’s really what excites me. It’s my passion. You can move mountains if you are humble and you have a learning attitude. Life is about learning. — Mohit Aron

Read the announcement from Cohesity here and watch CEO, Mohit Aron, speak on "Why Cohesity":

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