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CareDx Announces AlloID and Exclusive Partnership with IDbyDNA

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. and SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, CareDx, the leading partner in transplant care, and IDbyDNA, the company revolutionizing the use of precision metagenomics, announced an exclusive partnership focused on the development of metagenomic infectious disease testing specific to transplant patients. The companies will develop and commercialize AlloID, a tailored infectious disease testing solution that identifies more than 100 pathogens and drug resistance in viruses and bacteria, specific to organ transplant donors and recipients.

Transplant recipients take immunosuppression drugs for life to reduce the risk of organ rejection - a major side effect of a dampened immune system is a high risk of infection. Clinicians are constantly balancing therapies to maintain equilibrium and prevent both organ rejection and infection. CareDx, already a leader in multi-modality solutions for transplant patients, will be partnering with IDbyDNA to develop and commercialize a best-in-class infectious disease detection solution called AlloID. When combined with AlloSure and AlloMap, the holistic solution will allow clinicians to provide comprehensive, personalized care to their patients.

“The combination of AlloID with CareDx’s current suite of surveillance tools brings us closer to the ultimate goal of non-invasive, multi-modality testing,” said Aruna Subramanian, MD, Stanford. “I am excited for a transplant-specific, infectious disease testing solution that will enable us to diagnose patients with unusual and multidrug resistant infections that standard testing panels would not detect. This solution could be a game changer in how we care for our patients.”

“CareDx is 100 percent dedicated to the transplant field,” said Reg Seeto, CEO of CareDx, Inc. “We believe our partnership with IDbyDNA can improve the standard of care for transplant patients with the ability to test and monitor for greater than 100 infectious disease pathogens. This will add to CareDx’s multi-modality approach with transplant surveillance.”

IDbyDNA’s precision metagenomics approach leverages the power of next-generation sequencing and is highly scalable. The technology is highly accurate and analyzes the genetic makeup of individual pathogen strains for improved detection.

“Improved testing solutions are imperative, particularly for organ transplant patients who are highly immunocompromised,” said Dr. Guochun Liao, founder and CEO of IDbyDNA. “We are honored to support the mission of CareDx to help improve the pre- and post-transplant patient experience through pathogen detection technology. This is just the beginning of our joint effort to continue to revolutionize the way patients are managed before and after transplant.”

This press release was originally announced in GlobeNewswire. Read the full story here:

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