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ARTIS Ventures Welcomes Zoe Guttendorf as Associate

Please join us in welcoming our new associate, Zoe Guttendorf, the most recent addition to the ARTIS family. Zoe is assisting AV partners focused on the TechBio convergence.

Prior to ARTIS, Zoe was on the Healthcare Enterprise Team at Quid where she worked with senior pharma executives across a variety of therapeutic areas including oncology, internal medicine, vaccines, and autoimmune disorders. She holds a B.A. in Neuroscience from Dartmouth College.

Zoe’s thoughts on her new role: “I feel incredibly fortunate to contribute to the ARTIS mission of partnering with big thinkers who aim to tackle the world’s most pressing healthcare problems. ARTIS’ portfolio companies and partners include a wide range of life-changing technologies and industries, from CRISPR therapies to cardiovascular diagnostics to drug discovery. These are passionate teams and leaders who are making important strides in healthcare, and I look forward to supporting them.”

Welcome to the family, Zoe!

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