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ARTIS Ventures Pioneer Spotlight: Michael Aberman

With experience spanning companies of all sizes, from Wall Street biotech analyst to biotech executive at Regeneron to CEO of Quentis Therapeutics, and now as interim CBO at Excision BioTherapeutics, Michael believes biotech, and the business of changing human health, is the hardest industry there is. With decades of experience in interacting with the FDA, early stage research & clinical trial planning, partnerships & business development, and everything in between, he has learned a lot about building a company culture, the importance of having a mentor, and why you should always follow your curiosity.

Lessons he's learned along the way:

  1. Building a great company culture

  2. Don't be afraid to seek a mentor

  3. Follow your curiosity

  4. Recognize when you are out of pivots

Every month we’ll share Pioneer Spotlights where we sit down with our network of accomplished industry veterans on what they’ve learned and advice for startup founders. We look forward to showcasing more of our ecosystem with you.

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