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ARTIS Ventures Pioneer Spotlight: Fereydoun Firouz

Fereydoun’s decades-long career in biotech and finance has taken him around the globe, allowing him to live, work and play worldwide. With each new responsibility, he made it a priority to understand and embrace the culture of every country he worked in, as he strongly believes that studying the culture of each region where you plan to work is a key ingredient for success. With this approach, he achieved a number of challenging objectives. Coming from a commercial background, Fereydoun has also managed R&D organizations and spent many years as President and CEO of EMD Serono, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Gurnet Point Capital and recently served as Chairman & CEO of Stallergenes Greer. ​ Here he shares briefly why you should worry less about dilution, why cultural context is key, his prerequisites before hiring, and the value of spending time with your team.

01 Take the cash and worry less about dilution 02 Become an anthropologist

03 Break bread with potential candidates

04 Make sure your team knows the value they bring

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