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ARTIS Ventures Pioneer Spotlight: Angelika Fretzen

Angelika Fretzen, PhD has been able to apply her experience as a chemist in both academia then biotech and now at the translationally-focused Wyss Institute at Harvard University. One of the first groups of scientists to believe they didn’t have to go to big pharma first, Angelika attributes her decision to take the less chartered path to a little bit of stubbornness, but she knew she wanted to make a difference solving problems. Her experience in these various organizations has taught her valuable perspective about confidence, decision making, the four types of innovation, and above all else, a constant reminder that there’s a patient at the end of your product.

Here are her tips on being a great biotech leader:

  1. Don’t be afraid to know what you don’t know

  2. Transparency is powerful

  3. Remember there is a patient at the end of your product

  4. Recognize the four different types of innovation

Every month we’ll share Pioneer Spotlights where we sit down with our network of accomplished industry veterans on what they’ve learned and advice for startup founders. We look forward to showcasing more of our ecosystem with you.

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