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7 Trends Accelerating “TechBio℠” – The Life Sciences and Computer Sciences Convergence

We are now living in what we have defined over the past few years as the "TechBio" revolution. That’s not a typo that should read BioTech, but rather a new way of looking at the convergence of technology and biology.

TechBio℠ is defined as an engineering-first approach of biological processes for industrial, and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, and so on. A process that uses AI and data-enabled discovery to complement the exploration of biological code, genetic circuits, and existing biological data. A focus on efficient drug discovery and development cures instead of treatments, and personalized therapies that recognize no two patients are the same.

This new era of TechBio℠ and the redefinition of biotechnology has only been made possible by relatively recent breakthroughs in both science and tech, which we have narrowed down to seven trends. If even one of these things were not happening we would not be at this tech-bio convergence with the promise it holds to transform existing models of healthcare.

Read the 7 trends here:

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