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2022 Year in Review

History has shown that some of the most innovative and successful companies have been built during challenging times as teams, both small and large, are forced to stay lean, swiftly build value and execute only the most essential priorities with limited budgets. This market is no different, and to that end we continue to be active and inspired by opportunities at the earliest stages.

We’re witnessing an explosion in engineered, programmable medicines and tech-enabled healthcare innovation across the expanding TechBio landscape. Many of our companies are both improving lives by increasing access to care as well as helping to better diagnose, prevent, and treat disease, ranging from cardiovascular to cancer to infectious disease and many more. The intersection of computer science and medicine is not just relevant to the next 5 years, but to the next 50+ years. As long as there are humans, as long as there is disease, as long as there are problems to solve, we will be solving them.

View our 2022 Year in Review here:

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