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December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023

TechBio II: Ushering in the Next Era of TechBio Innovation

We stand at the dawn of a new era—the age of TechBio—that will transform health and medicine. For the first time, innovations in technology, healthcare, and biology are converging to offer groundbreaking solutions to humanity's greatest medical challenges. Today, ARTIS Ventures is excited to announce the closing of its second fund focused on this convergence, TechBio II, with $200 million in new capital. We continue to make a firm-wide commitment to TechBio and are excited to fund and support its next generation of founders and startups. These early-stage companies embody the prospect of revolutionary innovation, and we believe the best among them will forever change the landscapes of healthcare and biology, creating not only immense value but, most importantly, significant societal impact.

Ushering in the Next Era of TechBio Innovation

At ARTIS, we've been fortunate over the past decade to have had a front-row seat at the accelerating convergence of frontier technologies and medicine. We have witnessed firsthand just how technological advancements in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and synthetic biology have ushered in new generations of life-saving innovations and medicines. Diseases that once seemed unconquerable now have promising treatment options and even cures on the horizon. Cutting-edge companies are developing personalized therapies tailored to each patient's unique biology, finally moving beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. We are also gaining incredible new tools to understand the body, mind, and the connections between them as never before. The expertise of medical professionals is being augmented and enhanced through these advances. And the building blocks of biology are being harnessed to develop revolutionary new therapies and solutions. We call this all-important work and its convergence “TechBio” and we’re excited to continue to leverage our leadership role as a pioneer within the space to accelerate this revolution.

A decade ago, when AI was emerging, we saw its opportunity to transform human health and well-being by leveraging growing data sets, advanced analytics, and insights. And over the past decade, by harnessing the power of AI, our portfolio companies have pioneered innovations across clinical medicine, medical devices, computational biology, and more – fundamentally changing the quality of care and alleviating suffering globally.

Our TechBio investment process is guided by the following principles:

  1. Think Globally: We believe that platforms able to scale globally will drive the most change. The next set of high-impact companies will focus by definition on improving care universally.
  2. Leave No One Behind: Rather than seeking and funding incremental improvement, we target disease areas that many times lack solutions today. We actively look to find and fund revolutionary cures that benefit anyone or everyone.
  3. Transform Systems: We focus on innovations across the healthcare spectrum from the hospital to the home – leveraging data and personalization to radically improve care delivery wherever it occurs.
  4. Embrace Diversity: Over 60% of our portfolio company founders represent marginalized groups – because diversity of perspectives drives creative solutions.
  5. Persist Despite Obstacles: Transforming entrenched legacy systems requires perseverance and patience. We partner with bold founders ready to overcome these barriers through tenacity and grit.
  6. Stay Focused: Navigating regulated fields like healthcare and biology demands focus, specialized expertise and strategic insight. 

The age of TechBio brings with it tremendous hope and possibility. United by our common humanity and shared desire for health and well-being, we now have innovations at our fingertips that can alleviate suffering for millions. The future looks brighter than ever, and the only limit to progress is our imagination. If we dream it, we can achieve it.

ARTIS is proud to have been the first dedicated fund globally to deploy capital wherever data, software, AI, machine learning, and deep learning transform human health and well-being. The sky is the limit for how we can transform lives with the advances in technology and medicine. The best is yet to come!

Stuart Peterson & Vasudev Bailey, Managing Partners, ARTIS Ventures