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December 6, 2023
March 15, 2022
December 6, 2023
March 15, 2022

ARTIS Ventures Pioneer Spotlight: Dick Daniels

Dick has worked in tech for his entire career, whether as part of the military or in industries spanning manufacturing, to financial services, and then healthcare, but he always asked himself the same question - was the tech he was working on being used to do really important things?

For Dick changing industries was never just about advancing his career, it was about finding where he could make a meaningful contribution. But as he climbed the ranks he began to realize leadership is its own profession and the jobs don’t always look like you imagine they will. Dick learned this abruptly when he was told that he was being made the Head of IT for his company. The thrill of realizing he achieved all he was working toward was quickly dulled by the news that his first task would be to lay off 26 people, and he had to decide who immediately. The lesson? Be careful what you wish for.

Lessons & Anecdotes:

  1. Take the job for a trial run
  2. Practice being a manager
  3. You can never over-communicate
  4. What makes for an effective Board of Directors

​Every month we’ll share Pioneer Spotlights where we sit down with our network of accomplished industry veterans on what they’ve learned and advice for startup founders. We look forward to showcasing more of our ecosystem with you.